Looking for exciting things to do on Madeira?
Madeira paragliding is a match! Enjoy the ultimate flight with experienced pilots and witness breathtaking views of the endless ocean, charming waterfalls and the lush green hills.


Are you an experienced pilot seeking the best take-off and landing spot? Visit us and enjoy the vibes of our paragliding community and get great tips from the most experienced local pilots to have an amazing flying holiday!


Our picturesque take-off area is the most flyable spot in Portugal. The perfect weather for paragliding all year round, a lot of sun and lifting air, wonderful landscapes, barbecue facilities and swimming pool – it simply has it all!

Flieg mit uns


Hallo Passagiere!

If paragliding is on your bucket list of things to do on Madeira, we’re here to make it happen! With over 20 years of experience in getting high with passengers, we will make you soar into the sky and let you discover an astonishing feeling of flying.
Before tasting the magic of the sky, have a look at some useful information:
• BOOKING: it’s not possible to pre-book the flight, as it’s the weather depending activity. We decide day by day. Contact us after 11 a.m. the day you want to fly - if the weather is suitable, we’ll set the time of the flight for the same afternoon.
• CLOTHES & SHOES: bring with you hiking or sport shoes, sunglasses and a windproof jacket.
• FLIGHT DURATION: 15 minutes guaranteed or more (average 20)
• PILOTS: we are 3 pilots, so you can enjoy a couple flight or with 2 other friends at the same time.
• WEIGHT: preferably < 85kg, max. 115kg depending on the wind
• AGE: generally there is no age limit, as long as we are able to communicate with the passenger.
More questions? Check out our

Hallo Piloten!

Komm und flieg mit uns auf Madeira. Wir haben das perfekte Wetter um ganzjährig zu fliegen, mit viel Sonnen und steigenden Luftmassen, über 80 Starts, atemberaubende Landschaften, großartig für Acro und Streckenfliegen.
Wir haben Flugservices für Anfänger bis zu Profis:
lokale Flugtips für die besten Flugerlebnisse und zum besseren Verstehen der lokalen Wetterphänomene...
mit uns findest Du immer ein gutes Fluggebiet auf der Insel egal bei welchem Flugwetter.

Nimm einfach Kontakt mit uns auf und wir helfen bei der Planung: die beste Unterkunft je nach Budget zu finden, die Transporte oder Fahrzeuge zu organisieren

Willkommen auf unserem Startplatz!

We are located in Arco da Calheta - the sunniest spot of Madeira. We fly all year round, nearly every day. Madeira Paragliding is the most frequently used take-off area on the island and in Portugal, but it’s never crowded!
Here's a peek into what makes our place so unique:
• TAKE-OFF: You can start towards the east, south and west, so it's almost always the right wind for flying.
• FLYING: You can fly as long as you want with the thermal uplifts and the winds, climbing the mountains.
• LANDING: You can land on Madalena or Calheta beach to have some fresh drinks at local bars.
• ENTERTAINMENT: You can also participate in the pilots friendly barbecue at the take-off, jump into our pool for a swim in summertime and even camp for free at night.

You will definitely want to come back!

Über uns

Hartmut Peters started his flying career in 1992 and has been flying with passengers since 1998. Since relocating to Madeira Island from Germany in 2000 he flies every day. He is fluent in German, English & Portuguese.
Years after transforming a huge former agriculture land with countless stone walls, irrigation channels and steep terraces into a green grass slope with ideal conditions for getting airborn with paragliders. Many pilots and passengers coming to us to experience the sensation of flying. Our team is growing and we are actually permanently 3 pilots happy to welcome you every afternoon on our installations, give us a visit!



Rua da Achada de Santo Antao 212
9370-056 Arco da Calheta

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